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February 12, 2007 at 6:46 am 2 comments

Even thought you could think that someone who has a hardware review site has plenty of computers, it is not always the case. Well I have lots of hardware parts, but the deal is we use a lot of them for reviews, all the time. I have a benching rig, which is a high end computer without case, but used only for testing. In the past I used my benching rig as my primary computer too, that is working, studying, gaming and using it as a review platform. The problem was that two times I lost all my saved games, documents, music and important stuff when things went wrong, and trust me when you try unreleased stuff on beta drivers, things usually go wrong. So I bought a notebook and built a basic computer for daily use. Once I had both, I started to use a lot my notebook, so I gave my brother my computer. Unfortunately my notebook screen is broke, so meanwhile I wait my new portable computer – which I hope I´ll get for free – I will build a new computer for daily use.

I have almost all the parts ready, I´m just waiting the processor. I´ll stick to a Biostar T-Force 965PT, 2 Gigs of RAM (anything I can borrow from our review inventory), a Core 2 Duo E4300, an ATi Radeon X1900XT I have lying around, and I have to get a case, optical drive and a big hard drive. Intel will send me the processor, I asked for it because I really look forward to test it, it´s a new low end Core 2 part, with 2Mb cache and 800MHz FSB. And the FSB is what I like the most, I will have plenty of headroom for a nice overclocking. I´ve been waiting this CPU for two weeks, they have sent two processors and both where not what I asked for. The first one was a Xeon 3210 A1 Engineering Sample, nice chip but quite unstable (three revisions before it made it out of their factory), the second one was a Clovertown 771 2.66GHz server processors, both are great chips, but I received them as a mistake. Let´s hope the new toy arrives this week 😀



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