Working during night

June 28, 2007 at 8:08 am Leave a comment

Every geek in the world likes to work during the night, me too. Last week I did the same, but this time was studying, I studied from 10 PM to 7 AM, taked my tests till 1 PM, had lunch and after that I took a “nap” till 9 PM and then again the same thing. It worked, it definitely worked, but it´s not that healthy for your body, you know, we need some sun light. So after my test week, I decided to fix my sleep back again, so on Saturday I went to a friend´s girlfriend birthday and after that I slept Sunday all day. After waking up on Sunday at 9 PM I decided to fix my sleep, so I didn´t sleep till 8 PM on Monday and then woke up on Tuesday at 5:30 AM. From Tuesday I´ve been sleeping from 9 PM to 5 AM, which by the way is quite productive. I´ve been working on writing daily news and catching with my e-mails from 5 AM to 9-10 AM and then going to school, after school I finish my school day I come back to keep working.

Right now is 8 AM, I already finished my daily duties – writing for TecnoSquad and ChileHardware – and now I plan to have my third green tea cup, take a shower and rush to school. BTW TecnoSquad is doing great, we already reached 4k visits daily, I´ll update that as soon as June is over.

School should finish in three more weeks, I still need to take my final exams. After that I plan on taking vacations, we are still not sure if Peru will be the final destination, Buenos Aires is always a good choice.


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