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July 4, 2007 at 9:30 am Leave a comment

I like events, I like to work somedays out of my home office and I definitely love doing questions to key people in the industry, and I mean harsh questions. Before going to press events I do my homework, I always try to ask questions on key events, unreleased products, rumors, lay offs, competiting products, unofficial arrangements, unrealesed roadmaps and stock prices. We have a lot of access to confidential information, most of it is not under NDA, we just have good contacts, this way we can ask real questions not the usual friendly questions.

¿Now how good are harsh questions? Companies spend more time and money with people that know what the are talking about. Even if you don´t know for sure what you are talking about and you don´t have access to privileged info, Google is your friend, if you do a short reasearch before attending a press event, you can do some impressive questions.

I´m right now at a Nokia event on business phones, I wrote this yesterday, and I know tomorrow – while you are reading this – I´ll be doing a harsh question, why do I know this? Because just minutes ago I finished my homework and my questions are ready. The question has something to do with Telcos and WiFi enabled smartphones, you know, they don´t like each other. On Friday I have two events, Logitech and BenQ, BenQ just changed their business scheme two weeks ago, there I have more material.

When you do bright questions, companies remember you, when you just ask the usual stuff you´ll be just one more journalist and they won´t remember you. Guess who gets press releases and review samples first.


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