Stats for October

November 2, 2007 at 4:01 pm Leave a comment

After the so called “Wena Naty effect” we started October. For our surprise, our stats for this month finished quite healthy.

I´ll start with our newest proyect, BotonTurbo, which in it´s first month of life had 74600 unique visitors. This is the first time one of our websites performs this good in it´s first time, we are really happy about it´s performance.


TecnoSquad on it´s side, had a good traffic during the month, 159296 uniques. Let´s remember that in the past, TecnoSquad also covered videogames, something it´s not doing nowadays – because of BotonTurbo – and all it´s videogame posts are redirected. This means less indexing in Google and less traffic, but even though, if you add BotonTurbo´s and TecnoSquad´s traffic, you will se that it´s better compared to the traffic TecnoSquad alone had in September.


Finally ChileHardware, our biggest website, had 903446 unique visitors. This is according to ExtremeTracking, because Google Analytics is saying it´s something more (in fact according to GA on September we broke the 1M barrier), but I like to stick to only one method, and Extreme Tracking has been quite transparent about or traffic. Even though we had a better performance last month, as I told you, it wasn´t a regular month, because of the “traffic effect”.


Things to come

As I´ve been telling you, TecnoSquad will receive a new face lift the last days of December. This will arrive just a week before CES, and CES is an impressive month for TecnoSquad. I´m confident we will break the 200k barrier during January, and the new PR6 will help us on that. On ChileHardware, we are also working on a new design, which will fix some “design mistakes “we have in the present, that should help us a little bit, although we are not expecting to much, we just hope to make our place a better place for our actual readers.


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