AMD screw it bigtime

November 19, 2007 at 8:16 pm 2 comments

You can love it or hate it, but you can´t live without it. AMD is a small company, but the one in charge of driving innovation on the x86 arena. If it wasn´t for AMD, we would be still stuck on Pentium 4. Here is a little resume of what AMD did today:


– AMD is loosing 500 million each quarter aprox.

– His last big launch was in August 2005 with Athlon X2.

– Intel is 18 months ahead on their productive technology

– Intel is 15 months ahead performance wise.

Their answer

– Launching a monolithic quadcore with horrible yields and that doesn´t tolerate frequency called Phenom.

– Doesn´t ship Phenom to hardware review sites and magazines.

– Instead it makes an event at Lake Tahoe, where press can benchmark their product under their supervision, on frequencies they are not currently shipping. What type of people losses 10 million dollar a day, and invites other people to a trip on their wallet, when their whole market capital is just 6.5 BN U$?

– Doesn´t brief anyone else other than Europe and North America.

Possible reasons to act this way

– There are no Phenoms around. No volume just vaporware.

–  Doesn´t want everyone to know their product is clock to clock slower than Intel´s 18 month old product. BTW Wallstreet already knew about it, and their stock was almost 5% down today.

– Doesn´t want to spend more money. Chile a small 16 million people country received eight samples of Radeon HD3800 series. This is something around 1,2k in videocards, a Phenom processors has a MSRP less than 300 bucks.

– There where no motherboards to ship with the CPUs. Phenom runs on AM2 or AM2+, there are plenty of AM2 motherboards around, on the other hand MSI already has it´s AMD 790FX AM2+ motherboard ready and we have a AMD 770 motherboard in our lab.

–  AMD doesn´t believe in written media, they will stick to analphabet countries, which they suppose have lots of money to spend on quadcore CPUs.

Ok, AMD screw it bigtime, know it´s time to see what type of hat trick will they develop to leave out of this mess.


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  • 1. Cristóbal López González  |  November 19, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    Este “repliegue” que sufre AMD hace rato que no esta funcionando ni para atrás… te diria que lo unico que le queda de fuerte son los precios de sus CPUs en el mercado retail y sería.

    Con respecto a la ultima frase… en verdad es como lo mismo que uno viene pensando hace bastante tiempo… no se, me imagino a AMD terminando como Cyrix o alguna compañia desarrollando CPUs pero no al nivel de Intel, si finalmente no logra salir del crater en el que está.

    Saludos viejo.

  • 2. franciscodiez  |  November 26, 2007 at 8:02 pm

    Solo el tiempo lo dira…


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